December 1st, 1993  (21 Years of age)

Born in Montreal, with Jamaican Origins

"Professional Photographer" / Visual Artist/Director

Owner of "Akumanistic 天 Productions"



          Akuma Barrett,  studied and graduated the Professional Photography course at Lasalle College/Inter-dec. With a vast knowledge of photography genres, He finds himself focusing on shooting "Creative Fashion". Among many talents, he possesses skills in Artistic Visuals/Directing also known as "Videography"
        Being a humble, sociable and a polite character. He is able to connect with other individuals as well as provide professional quality work, no matter the situation. He Manages to work under any circumstance and finds solutions for any given problems. 
        Founder of his very own media production company "Akumanistic " in 2013 which has a Montreal background but an immense international fanbase and network.